Saturday, January 17, 2009

Webelos to Scout Transitions

Welcome to my first post.

We are well into the month of January and it is time transition scouts to find their prospective boy scout troop that they expect to join when they make that all important step at crossover.
Cub leaders and troop leaders need to recognize that they hold the all important key to unlock the next stage in the scouting program and what they do at this time will either positively impact the lives of the transitions scout or turn them away from the scouting program forever.
Each and every leader is responsible to see that all scouts from Tigers on stay in the program as long as possible to ensure the legacy of scouting.
Finding the right fit for the transition scout is paramount as "Willie Webelos," wants to be guaranteed that his choice is the correct one and will be able to continue on without hesitation or reservation that the decision he and his family makes was not made in vain.
Boy scout leaders need to recognize that gone are the days where the expectation that all scouts in the pack will automatically feed the troop unit at the time of crossover.
Cub leaders need to constantly advertise the merits of the boy scout program and speak to all cubs that it is the expectation that they will continue on in the program.
Do not use the word "If" but rather "When" and you now have successfully closed the door to an early escape from the scouting program.
Recognize that all boys are different and their needs will vary as much as hairstyles change as they may need to meet on another night, not wish to camp as much as the unit does, not want to sell or solicit fundraisers as often.
You will need to acknowledge this facts and it is your responsibility and obligation to find them the correct fit and get them in a unit...any unit.
What you do right now will guarantee a lifetime of memories for that transition scout.
It is up to you and remember...what you do now will directly affect the program and your unit in the future.

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  1. Great Post... real important stuff.
    Glad to see you have a Blog Keith... look forward to more.