Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Rattlesnake Strikes"

This posting is not about rattlesnake strikes and how to apply first aid or about how to avoid being bitten so I am sorry to disappoint the reader if that is what you were looking for even though those are worthy topics to discuss.
In this post, "Rattlesnake strikes," are those moments that suddenly appear and then are gone like the flash of lightning. We termed these moments, "rattlesnake strikes."
Rattlesnake strikes can be a great thing if you prepare for them.
A perfect example would be being the 1,000 person to enter an establishment and you receive a substantial prize for being that 1,000th person.
You can also be "snake bit" by not being prepared for that moment of a rattlesnake strike...a missed golden opportunity to partake in an event or to get something that you really, really want.
People who got in on the ground floor with Microsoft or IBM took advantage of a rattlesnake strike moment.
In scouting, we can take advantage of those Rattlesnake strike moments by either being prepared for those moments or be snake bit by not acting upon our opportunities that come our way at an instantaneous moment.
How can we be ready for these strikes when they come out of the blue or are a chance happening?
We prepare our selves to be ready to act when we see the signs of something about to happen.
A rattlesnake rarely strikes without warning as does most of these moments.
You need to be aware of where you are and what you are doing at the time to either take the full advantage of the rattlesnake strike or be snake bit.
I had a rattlesnake strike yesterday...I was able to purchase a dutch oven dirt cheap in a rummage sale and had I not be ready; I would have missed that opportunity.
I had no clue that the dutch oven would be there but by chance there it was and I seized the moment and took advantage of the golden opportunity.
I would still have obtained a dutch oven but would have been snake bit by having to pay the full retail price for a new one.
So watch for the rattlesnake strike moments in your life and be ready to act accordingly.
As for the real rattlesnakes, stay well away and don't go looking for that kind of trouble.
Leave them well alone and they will appreciate it too.

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