Thursday, August 20, 2009

BSA's Digital Scout Handbook

I like being a part of the scouting movement because it is ever changing and evolving into a whole new program.
For instance: Baden Powell never taught the original scouts about composite materials nor GPS systems but I am sure that he would have been prepared to teach a course on that.
Fast forward 60 years and Computer science was on the cutting edge of technology.
Now today we have the first Digital Scout Handbook available to all scouts and scouters alike and there is a lot of information being spit out because of the wonderful world of the Internet.
Will the digital handbook eventually replace the hard copy issue?
I hope not as this media could be on the leading edge of design.
I would like to think that the digital handbook would be a tool to be used by scouters and scouts alike as a supplement to the paperback version we already enjoy.
So as we look towards our Centenary of scouting, let us all work together and see what the future holds for our beloved Scouting movement.

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