Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Go Camping

Big Smokey Waterfalls in Shawano County, Wisconsin

It's camping time, actually camping time is 365 days of the year, but now it the time that most people love to go camping because the season in Wisconsin is better suited for most to be comfortable without the extra gear that must be packed in cold weather conditions.

Your personal gear should include:
  • Clothing appropriate for the season and weather conditions including waterproof boots or shoes
  • food
  • personal camping gear including backpack with rain cover
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad or cot
  • ground cloth
  • knife, fork, and spoon
  • plate, bowl, cup
  • soap for dishes (environment friendly soap)
  • toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, comb (for those not follicle challenged)
  • small towel
  • watch
  • tent of shelter with fly
  • compass
  • small notebook and writing instrument
  • swimwear (optional as short will do)
  • sun block, lip balm, and first aid kit (including any and all prescription medications)
  • rope or nylon cord
  • cook kit
  • water bottle
  • emergency sewing repair kit which also includes duct tape and safety pins
  • folding camp saw, sturdy pocket knife, and small hatchet
  • water proof matches, welder's spark er, or backup fire starting equipment
Most camping areas where I camp does have potable water and I do not usually carry water purifying equipment.
Optional items:
  • crank radio and cell phone (for emergency use only when the weather conditions turn sour.
  • binoculars
  • camera
  • pillow
If I go on a camping trip and I find that I need to have a comfort item; I usually take beef jerky and maybe a Butterfinger candy bar or two.
 For those that know me, yes I did learn a lesson with that raccoon encounter at the age of 11 but I have found a way to still have my candy bar.
Usually, I can get a week's worth of gear into my backpack but I take more than I probably should and every time I go, my backpack tells me so.
 But who listens to their pack anyway?
  So get packing and get out their and go camping!

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