Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whom Do You Serve

In a recent Skype conversation with a scouter friend of mine, from Australia, the conversation turned to a topic on "whom do you serve?"
An interesting question that was posed to me and there are several answers that are available and in no particular order:
  1. I serve the scouting program
  2. I serve myself
  3. I serve my Commissioner
  4. I serve my Council
  5. I serve my scouts
  6. I serve my unit
  7. I serve my God
There really isn't a correct answer that will apply to all leaders;I  but for me, my service, as a former Commissioner and adult leader, was and is always to serve the scouts.
The ability to provide a quality program for all scouts is the pinnacle of what I try to do.
Sometimes my goals and standards that I hold may be contrary to the Council, the Commissioner's staff, and my unit.
 I have seen leaders that have been in the program that seek nothing but credit for what they do (whether it is earned or not) and others that go about their business under the radar- without recognition or fanfare.
I have seen leaders attend training seminars that sit outside the classrooms, in the hallways, only to be one of the first people to be in line for the accolades at the end of the training session.
I have seen others be the first in line and the last to leave when it comes to all scouting activities.
I have heard leaders state things like,"I will nominate you for ...if you nominate me for the same."
Every award and every recognition that I have upon my uniform and that hangs on my wall has been earned through blood, sweat, and yes, even tears. I worked hard for these awards and treasure them.
Contrary to some opinions, most of these awards came by accident as I did not purposely go out to earn them.
 I serve my fellow scouts so that they can and will have a quality program and a legacy to pass on to all future scouts when I am long dead and gone.
To serve myself is to serve my scouts (locally and internationally).
Recently, I was able to participate in Wood badge training in another country and see how the philosophy is different and I found that to serve the scouts does supersede anything else connected with the program.
Leaders have failed the training when their vision becomes clouded by their personal egos.
So as for me, I serve the scouts.
Whom do you serve?

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