Sunday, August 1, 2010

National Jamboree Show Should Have Been on National Television

The Boy Scout National Jamboree was televised on the Internet via the National Jamboree Website in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.
The show should have been on national television with the BSA celebrating 100 years of scouting.
Highlights included "Dirty Jobs" star Mike Rowe, the Trinidad and Tobago Steel Drum Band, the US Army Special Op's group the Black Daggers, Olympians Steve Holcomb, Shawn White, and Gretchen Blieler.
Also appearing  Alex Boyea, Ted Nugent, Switchfoot, and Honor Society.
The show was pretty well conceived with scouts participating in between acts.
President Obama mailed in a video message to the boy scouts and was not as inspiring as the personal message that Mike Rowe gave "in person."
Overall, the show was spectacular and should have been on national TV for the world to see.

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