Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scouting Makes the Impossible Possible

It seems that every time I look back at my scouting life, and it is far from over (I hope); I am increasingly more amazed at what a scout can do or what can happen if a scout does his best.
Going back in time 100 yrs. ago a scout never thought that he would impact the movement as he did when he helped William D. Boyce in that London Fog.
That scout is famous and yet no one knows who he is.
Senator and Astronaut John Glenn, I imagine, never thought he would travel to space or become an American leader.
Film director Steven Spielburg probably would not be making movies had it not been for the photography merit badge he completed in boy scouts.
Sam Walton probably would have never believed it if someone told him that he would become the owner and CEO of one of the world's largest department stores.
So here am I looking at some of the greatest people that have succeeded in life, thanks to the boy scouts, and while I am not in that same class as these people mentioned; I do have some interesting milestones in my life as a scout:
 One of the first people in Green Bay to view the moon rocks as a cub scout.
 Became an Eagle Scout and earned my God and Country religious medal and the International Catholic Awareness Medallion.
 Became a Cub master and a host of other pack positions.
 Visited scouts in Australian and volunteered to help with the Elmore Jamboree in Australia in 2007.
 Radio presenter for Scouting Radio and the list is not complete yet.
Had someone told me that these milestones would occur in my life, I would never have believed it.
Like Mike Rowe, who told the scouts at this year's national jamboree, that he was a shy boy and his father made him go to a scout meeting.
I was in that similar situation.
My two grandfathers were involved in scouting as was my uncle and my father.
I became a scout and little did I know that it would be the best thing that happened in my life-even the raccoon visitation at my first summer camp at Bear Paw.
Scouting gave me many opportunities in my life.
I hope that I can give back as much as I got out of the program.
So when someone tells you that you could be the next international singing sensation, or next master artist, future leader, etc.
Believe it.
For if you do your best; everything impossible becomes possible.

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