Friday, December 24, 2010

African Jamboree 2012

Currently I am working with Dr. Ole Jacobsen, who is spearheading the plans for the African Jamboree in 2012, which will be held in in Winneba, Ghana.
This site was selected for the jamboree because of it historical significance to Lord Baden Powell as he first received military honors at the fort in Winneba and Scouts attending the event will be able to retrace Powell's footsteps in a series of activities that will include a hike retracing Baden Powell's journey in the Winneba area.
"Several activities will be showcasing what the African Scouts do." said Dr. Ole Jacobsen. "We will have all Scouts work on International scouting programing as well as the traditional things Scouts did 100 years ago."
The planning for this event is still in its infancy however plans to have an astronomy activity will include a conversation with the International Space Station which will fly over Winneba, Ghana several times in its orbit around earth.
Attending this event will include several African Kings and Queens all whom support the Scouting Movement.
Watch for more information on the African Jamboree page on Facebook.

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