Saturday, July 16, 2011

Webelos Woods fades into history

Last year's Webelos Woods event, held at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, was the last one for Voyageur District after a successful second session.
Originally called Webelos Outdoor Activity Day, in 2008, the event hosted 48 Webelos Scouts, Leaders and parents and again in 2010, the event successfully saw 100 % of the Webelos Scouts wishing to move on into the Boy Scout program if given the chance.
The event ran activities ranging from working on Totin' Chit, Forester, Naturalist, Outdoorsman, Readyman activity pins to cooking demonstrations and packing for camp which gave the Scouts a taste of what the Boy Scout experience is about in a mock camp setting.
The highlight of the event was the dedication of 96 Webelos wishing to cross  into the Boy Scouts program immediately following the event if given the chance.
There were only 2 no shows at the event and that meant something when last year's event was held in the rain throughout the morning and much of the afternoon session.
Council Exec. Mark Logemann showed at lunchtime to present the Speaker's Bank award and spoke to the Scouts about the activities they were participating in.
The event also received benefit in allowing the event to happen on the park's grounds which showcased the park's commitment to preserving and educating visitors about wildlife habitats and how the staff rehabilitate wildlife that have been injured.
Special thanks to all that have attended the past events and a very special thanks to all those that staffed the event.

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