Saturday, September 3, 2011


Following the Scouting trail is similar to life's journey.
The expectations you have sometimes happen to your benefit and sometimes you have disappointments.
The trail is a winding one with many twists and turns and even forks that you have to decide which path to follow. In life the decisions ultimately lead to the end of the journey. In Scouting the path ultimately ends when you choose to stop.
My expectations in Scouting are to make a difference to Scouts and people that I meet along "the trail."
As a young  Scout, I never realized that I would one day achieve the rank of Eagle Scout nor did I ever expect to become a Den Leader, Cub Master, member of 2 pack committees, Unit Commissioner, Asst. District Commissioner, and serve on the District Committee as well as the International Committee for the Bay-Lakes Council.
The recent fork in the road came when I was approached to join the Committee of a new Scout troop and with great hesitation, I accepted to become the advancement chair (the reluctance was that I was unsure of being able to provide 100% commitment to the new unit's needs).
I am very excited to take on this new challenge and have now a renewed energy for the program and now come to know that the trail will be just as scenic and just as challenging for me as the other roles have been.
Thanks to Scoutmaster Shawn Cleary and Committee Chairman Bob Hawkins I have a new focus and a new direction for the program.
Hello Troop 1363.

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