Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's A Small World After All

What has over 28 million registered members in 33 countries?
If you said members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement ...give yourself an A.
Yes, that's right more than 28 million scouts and scouters populating the earth and all running a program similar to which our founder Lord Baden Powell started back in the early 1900's.
That does make us the world's oldest continuing youth program.

Small world.

Each and every program begins essentially the same:
1. Gathering
2. Opening
3. Meeting
4. Closing

Small world.

They all promote acceptance of individuality in people and teach respect for others regardless of race, religion, or political background as long as each and every member follows the scouting oath and law established since the conception of the program.
Most countries offer some form of advancement program and there are others that do not.
But they do build character, friendships, and a strong sense of community spirit while providing service to others as well as themselves.

I have researched some of the scouting programs in other countries and here is a listing of the highest awards scouts will be eligible to earn within their respective programs.

Australia(Scouts Australia) Queen's Scout(UK Commonwealth)
Australia(Guides Australia) Queen's Guide(UK Commonwealth)
Bangladesh(Bangladesh Scouts) President's Scout
Belgium(association uncertain;not clear if this is still a current award) Crown Scout(Kroonverkenner)
Brazil(União dos Escoteiros do Brasil) Scout of the Fatherland(Escoteiro da Pátria)
Canada(Scouts Canada) Queen's Venturer(UK Commonwealth) and scouts can now earn the Chief Scout Award
China / Hong Kong(The Scout Association of Hong Kong) Dragon Scout
Guatemala(Asociación de Scouts de Guatemala) Quetzal Scout(the resplendent quetzal is the national bird)
India(The Bharat Scouts and Guides) President's Scout / Guide(Rashtrapati Scout / Guide)
Indonesia(Gerakan Pramuka) Garuda Scout(Pramuka Garuda—the garuda is a mythicalbird in Hindu & Buddhist mythology)
Japan(Scout Association of Japan) Fuji Scout(Mt Fuji, Japan's highest mountain,has national and religious significance)
Kenya(The Kenya Scouts Association) Lion Scout
Kiribati(Kiribati Scout Association) President's Award
Korea, South(Boy Scouts of Korea) Tiger Scout
Maldives(The Scout Association of Maldives) President's Scout
Malaysia(Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia) King's Scout(Pengakap Raja)
New Zealand(Scouting New Zealand) Queen's Scout(UK Commonwealth)(apparently the same designas the Scouts Australia award)
New Zealand(The Girl Guides Association New Zealand) Queen's Guide(UK Commonwealth)
Philippines(Boy Scouts of the Philippines) Eagle Scout
Portugal(Federação Escutista de Portugal) Knight of the Fatherland(Cavaleiro da Pátria)
Singapore(The Singapore Scout Association) President's Scout
South Africa(South African Scout Association) Springbok
Sri Lanka(Sri Lanka Scout Association) President's Scout
Tanzania(Tanzania Scouts Association) President's Scout
Thailand(The National Scout Organization of Thailand) King's Scout
United Kingdom(The Scout Association) Queen's Scout
United Kingdom(The Guide Association)
United States(Boy Scouts of America) Eagle Scout
United States(Girl Scouts of the USA) Girl Scout Gold Award

Each and every program honors those that achieve the very best within their program and celebrate their accolades with ceremonies based upon tradition within a program.
All programs have invest their scouts to tie us all together in one common bond.

Small world.

Best of all...nowhere else can a scout meet a complete stranger and despite language barriers and political strife find a fellow brother with a common bond.

Small world.


  1. You have the award names for Scouts Canada confused.

    In the 1970's the "Scout" section, comprising youth aged 11-17 was split into two parts "Scouts" for 11-14 year olds and "Venturers" for 14-17 year olds, and the top award of that time, the "Queen's Scout Award" was also split into two.

    Scouts can now earn the "Chief Scout Award" and Venturers can earn the "Queeen's Venturer Award".

    The Chief Scout Award is not a prerequisite for the Queen's Venturer Award, and of the two the Queen's Venturer is senior.

    This, of course, doesn't include the top awards in L'Association des Scouts du Canada, serving francophone youth in Canada, or the Girl Guides of Canada, serving girls and young women in Canada.

  2. Hi Keith,

    I love the fact that we're a world wide organisation and I can talk to you in the States and other Scouts in many other countries and we all have common themes and goals. We all have our local differences, but that's what makes talking to Scouts aboard fascinating!

    Just a couple of extra bits of info for you, the highest award from Girl Guiding UK is the Queen's Guide Award.
    According to the WSOM, there is Scouting of one form or another in every country in the World bar 6! That is really impressive!

    Just to blow my own trumpet a bit, I'm the proud holder of the UK's Queen's Scout Award.

    All the best