Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scouting at it's Finest

One of the most amazing things I have learned about the scouting program is that the people you meet that will step up and be counted when a fellow scouter asks for volunteers is astounding.
The photo on the left was taken at the first Webelos Outdoors Event that I hosted and these people pictured are the staff that stepped up to help with no questions asked.
The key to getting quality volunteers is to be or try to be very specific about the job task needed to be performed and stick to those conditions and you will get more volunteers that you can shake a stick at and to make sure that the volunteers understand what goals need to be accomplished by day's end.
The event was a tremendous success as the event started on time and the overall plan for the day was to end the event promptly at 6pm.
The entire event stayed on schedule from start to finish and I being the coordinator expected to be the last one out and I was and I was home by 6:15pm. I left the site at 6:05pm and the staff was out at 6 with participating Webelos.
To run an event, the key is to allow the volunteers to do everything expected without being a micro manager and give them everything they need to do the assignments asked. Make them the most important part of the event and everything will run like clockwork.
Those involved with this program's event will always have my undying gratitude and support in whatever project comes along for after all, this is what scouting is all about: cheerful service and providing a quality program for the scouts.

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