Friday, January 30, 2009

Twinning-International Style

I have been involved with a new dynamic program called, "Twinning."
Twinning is a link up between 2 or more units from other parts of the world with your unit to discover more about the international scout program. This link between units from one country with another encourages the exploration of diversity, creates new friendships, and a chance to participate in joint activities on an international level.
I have been involved in international scouting since 2006 and was able to attend the Australian Jamboree via the internet in 2007.
So what?
Well, my time spent with the Australian scouts and scouters allowed me a chance to talk and interview the astronauts on board the international space station, learn more about myself, and about the Australian Scout program.
The exchange of information lead to new ideas and concepts which have greatly improved the quality of the scouting program for the scout here as well as abroad.
Since that time, I now have scout friends that I talk with on a regular basis from Australia, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Poland, the Philippines, Japan, China, Denmark, Aruba, and Korea.
The best thing is that we are all here for the program and our different cultures only enhance what we all bring to the scouting program.
It will break down the stereotypes we create about each other and their way of life.
I would encourage anyone and everyone to contact another scout unit from a different part of the world and explore scouting in a new light.
You won't regret it.

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