Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 Star University of Scouting

Now that I have attended my first 5 Star University and have received my Bachelor of Science degree in Scouting I feel that I have learned far more about the program than ever before.
There some ideas and concepts that I have already been doing as an Asst. Dist. Commissioner but there were others that I didn't know and I do plan to institute them as part of my training of fellow leaders and scouts.
Keith Christopher was the key note speaker from the National Council and he presented some interesting ideas.

The event was at St. John's Military Academy and it was much like stepping back in time to a Medieval Era as the architecture brought you back to a time of castles and knights.
We stepped into the dining hall of "Hogwarts," when it came time for lunch and, as always for all scouting events, the food was wonderful.
Over 200 scouters were in attendance and we all left as friends and brothers in the scouting program.
If you have never attended a 5 Star University; make plans to attend the next available one.
You won't regret it.

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