Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Scout is Reverant

We all know the 12 Laws of a Boy Scout and this weekend we should all have honored the 12 law...A scout is Reverant.

This 12th point should actually be the first law a scout remembers as in the scout oath we say Duty to God and Country.

Whether we practice our faith is up to us but as a father, leader, and former scout, I have always taken the time to remember my Creator and give thanks for something in each and everyday.

And it is in the little things.

Just being out and enjoying nature is a way to give thanks.

I love to watch a sunrise or sunset on the horizon. There is nothing like observing the sun's raise stream through the woods and warm you as you hike amoung the shadows of the trees surrounding you.

The babble of a stream or brook is God's way of telling you that all is well and peaceful when you seek the Lord.

But for many scouts, attending a service on Scout Sunday or on Saturday, depending upon your religion, this is the only introduction they have with God and a religion itself.

Each and every scout, leader and even the non scouters must come to terms with what they choose to believe in.

For me, I enjoy each day that I have to continue the Scouting way and be able to teach what I know to scouts and others by my example.

So now if you will excuse me, I am off to church to visit with the original Scout and I will leave you with this:

Now may the Great Master,

of all Great Scouts...

Be with us,

And stay with us.

Until we meet again.

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