Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scouting: It's not just for kids anymore.

After attending 5 Star University, I discovered that I still have much to learn about the scouting program and I always will as time goes by.
Scouting is an ever changing program which constantly evolves into something new as progress is made in our technological society.
When I received my Eagle Scout, computers were still using punch cards, atomic energy was still in the experimental stage, and space exploration consisted of studying the Mercury projects and the Apollo missions, and who could forget "Laika," the first space dog, sent in space by the Russian government.
Man landed on the moon and the space program was still in its infancy even in the 1970's.
Now we have Atomic Energy merit badge and Composite Materials merit badges.
Some things in the program stay the same though.
Training is a must and the more training you have; the easier it is to provide a quality program for the scouts.
Friendships are still made where ever you go within the program.
Programs still excite the scouts as well as the scouters.
Parents re-learn about Barnoulli's principle and how to build a better pinewood derby car (with their son(s)...hopefully).
Camping and the outdoor experience is the foundation of the scouting movement and building strong characters and life long skills will never change.
The scouting movement has been here for 100 yrs. and it will be here for another 100 and if you've never tried the scouting program before, try it now.
It's not just for kids anymore.

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