Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Willie Webelos Didn't Cross Over

Most drivers when approaching a Bridge Out sign would know that they must stop before they run out of road or put themselves into immediate danger.
Are we doing that with the transitional scouts?

...Could be.

Many scouts will drop from the program because they have not been give the full information of what lies ahead within the scouting program.

They will give some typical excuses like:

1. Conflict in meeting schedules
2. Interferes with school
3. Conflict with the new leader
4. Can't participate in scouts and sporting activities
5. Boring
6. Hates to wear the uniform

Well any good leader will be able to counter these excuses and a good leader will be able to assist the scout and his parents that there is a unit out there that will meet their timetable and if necessary that leader will assist that transition scout in becoming a part of the once scout program if need be.
The excuse that scouting interferes with school is probably the lamest excuse to have ever come down the pike. Any leader can easily argue that the scouting program works hand in hand with the our educational system.
Okay, maybe there is a conflict with the new shop for another nearby unit.
Problem solved.
Can't participate in scouts and sporting activities.
This one couldn't be further from the truth.
We promote good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play. Scouting also encourages our scouts to exercise and be Physically Fit,Hello!!!
Scouting is boring.
Well shame on you for that. If the scout feels that the program is boring then he didn't do anything to help that problem. You get what you put into the program and shame on you for being a leader that didn't stay in tune with the needs of your scouts.
Hates the uniform.
Uniforms serve a purpose within the program. It eliminates a social and financial structure so that all scouts are equal in each other's eyes. The uniform is the visual connection with society and our movement that announces youth and community service.
Take a group of boys in tee shirts and jeans walking down the street and the mind set is to beware of those potential hoodlums. Take the same group of boys in the uniform and they command respect from the public as these boys have a purpose.
The uniform is recognized world round and if in uniform in another country; you can be rest assured that you will get the red carpet treatment.
I, for one, have seen it first hand.
Never thought that I would be welcomed as a friend...a brother.
Having a uniform is a wonderful thing.

So if you have a "Willie Webelos" that won't go.
Do Willie and yourself a favor. Do the research and find Willie that perfect unit.
They are out there.
The program is there for the taking and Willie Webelos needs to be a part of that program.
Willie won't regret it and neither will you.
So come on! Get involved!
As they say in the scouts Australia program...

"Get a Life...Join scouting!"

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