Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another end to a Regatta and Derby Event

Another District derby and rain gutter regatta is officially in the books and it is time for the ships and cars to ride off into the 2009 sunset.
The event was a huge success in spite of some of the parents attempting to severely bend the rules to their favor (to no avail).
It is amazing the levels some parents will stoop to ensure that their son has the distinct edge over the rest of the scouts. In fact, it is downright appalling as most of the parents made little or feeble attempts to hide the fact that they knew the rules but decided to bend them instead.
And it was their son that would contradict their parents and concede that they were cheating while Mom and Dad would argue the matter.
Store bought or commercially purchased cars and boats to look nice but they won't get my vote on craftsmanship or quality. That was evident today as there were many that broke the rules and they need to be addressed.
What are we teaching the scouts win at all costs, or do we teach good sportsmanship and a sense of team spirit or to cheat others at all costs.
For me, it is about the boy so parents, sit down , sit back and enjoy the events.

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