Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scouting at its Finest

Today I have the luxury of riding to the site where our District is holding the pinewood derby event and I met some interesting people...non scouters or not currently involved in scouting.
One was a manager of a fast food sub/pizza chain and he is allowing the scouts to sell subs and pizza at the district event and allowing them to take a percentage of the profits.
No real surprise as that often happens from time to time.
The manager also decided to sweeten the pot by adding approximately $125.00 worth of gift certificates as well to be raffled off or given to the top derby winners.
The whole community got on board with this event and all of the area businesses are giving discounts to scouts in uniform for the day.
This community has historically stepped up to the plate for good causes and they want the district event to be held there annually.
When the economy goes bad and it seems that the news we hear on television or on the radio or read in the newspaper is negative; there seems to be always be a feel good story and this is one.
An entire community backing the boy scouts and if the weather were more conducive I am sure a parade to and from the derby site could have been arranged.
This is a community dedicated to showcase scouting at its finest.

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