Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cast Iron Chef Contest

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a boy scout troop cast iron chef contest.
What a better way to test the metal of each and every scout's cooking skills and expertise!
Scouts are given a meal to cook whether it is breakfast, lunch/dinner, or dessert.
The ingredients are pre-packaged in a brown paper bag and the scouts must come up with a specific recipe to make everything taste good or at least palatable (I forgot to mention that the scouts are unaware of what is inside the paper bags)
Once the hot coals are ready, the boys open the bags and have 45 Min's to cook whatever they have and each ingredient must be used.
Bonus points are given for extra dishes prepared.

Tonight the final results were:

An excellent hearty man's breakfast bake with powdered sugar doughnuts
An equally awesome baked cherry french toast bake
A mystery meat dish that I could not stick around for but smelled delicious.
The exercise was to get the rust of the cooking skills prior to camp as the Spring camp-o-ree is just around the corner and will also lead into the summer camp sessions.
I will end this now, as I think a smell a cobbler coming on.

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