Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turning the Corner

Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting the Trained patches to a cub pack that is now 100% trained and this was special as getting the unit leaders to step up for training was a feat in itself.
This unit's experience with the support from our District and Council staff had left a bitter taste in the leader's mouths as there were many issues and promises made and seldom kept.
I had attempted to get these leaders through training back in Sept. and it finally came to fruition back in March.
Now that the leadership has gone through training and that they realized that they were not on the island by themselves; the leaders now have accepted that they can only improve upon their program to ensure that the the boys and families get that quality program and they now recognize the value for training and will begin to look for new methods to help accentuate what they do as a unit.
I was also able to get one of our new D.E.'s to help with the presentation of patches and to show support that was long overdue this unit.
Walking in the door now consists of leaders eagerly greeting the ADC (me) and making me feel at home instead of seeing hair on the back of their necks stand up and get defensive.
This unit is not out of the woods yet as they need to have a strong, dynamic recruiting program to raise their numbers and get more adults to step up and become leaders.
The unit gained one more leader tonight and that shows that the training is working.

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