Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Magic of Scouting

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting up with a former scout friend of mine whom I haven't seen in better than 20 yrs.

Not that it was that unusual but he was the scout that could have cared less about the merit badges and awards when he was in the troop with me...loved the camp experience and would work his tail off while at camp and once camp was over, he was gone until the next camp came around on the calendar.

He was a one man Brigadoon.

Now that we are both nearing the 1/2 century mark, he still holds a fondness for everything he learned in the program with me as a boy and would still support the program when scouts came around with fundraisers.

I had asked him if he'd like to join up as an adult volunteer and he smiles with the memory of the days gone by and he would if only he could attend camp and nothing else.

Try as I might to get him on board, I realized that he really hasn't changed all that much but his love of the program and his support for the program has never flagged or ever questioned.

Now back in the day we all knew that he would never advance very far but we all knew that he loved the camps we attended and was probably one of the best friends we had at camp.

Thirty years later, the magic of scouting has reunited our friendship and the memories we have for the program and Camp Bear Paw will always be locked away for us to enjoy when we are rocking chair bound.

I feel sorry for most scouts today as many do not realize how wonderful and exciting the program can be. If only they could transport themselves 30 -40 yrs. into the future to look back on what they took from scouting as well as what they gave.

As we get older, the magic of scouting's appeal becomes that much stronger as we usually don't get the time we'd like to do all of the camps, the merit badges, and the outdoor hikes.

I cannot do some of the things that I once did but I do remember what scouting gave me and the magic that it has to keep me involved within the program.

Thank you Lord Baden Powell for giving us the magic of scouting and keeping me honor bound to do my best.

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