Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shrinking the World Through Scouting

When I first joined scouting as a Cub Scout, I thought that the program was set up only for the Pack that I was a part of. We never saw another unit within our District until it was time for the Scout-o-rama. Then we saw Packs, Troops, and Crews crawl out of the woodwork.

The was my first experience with scouts from another area.

In Boy Scouts the interaction between units within the District and Council grew and the world of scouting also grew as the world got smaller with learning that we all had a common bond with each other and yet still never appreciating the fact that there were other Districts and Councils that make up the BSA.

Oh sure, I realized that there was a scouting program in every state but being out of sight...they were out of mind.

I never realized that scouting would give me some opportunities I could never have dreamt of nor would I ever be able to see become reality.

It was though scouting that I was able to become one of the first people in my city to see the moon rocks that were on tour throughout the United States back in the '70's, shovel coal in a steam locomotive on a 30 mile passenger train excursion, visit scouts in Australia and staff a Jamboree there through the Internet.

Because of scouting these things became a part of my life and now I am participating in scouting in every continent except Antarctica (I don't know any scouts there).

I was just invited to attend a Jamboree in the Philippines and met some wonderful scouts and scouters in Japan, China, Denmark, Egypt, and I am allowed to broadcast scout information on Scouting Radio out of Ireland.

I think that Will Rogers must have been a scout as he once said that he never met a man that he didn't like.

Well in scouting, for me, I can certainly state that there are no strangers in the movement...only brothers and sisters.

This movement keeps me going.

Scouting will always broaden my horizons while making the world just a little bit smaller.

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  1. Very nice Keith. I wish I had found it 2 years ago.