Sunday, May 31, 2009

The New (Improved) Boy Scouts of America

Yesterday, I helped clean out my son's boy scout troop's garage and found several items that reminded me of a time when I was a Tenderfoot in that same unit.
Some of the tents still remain from when I was in the unit in the '70's and probably some of the old patrol cook kits are still there.
While going through some of the old things that needed to be retired to the circular files, I remember some of the meals we cooked on the open fire when I was in scouts.
Things like beef stew, hamburgers, hotdogs and beans, cobbler, and an occasional loaf of bread.
Today, scouts have gone more high tech than when I was in scouts.
Self inflating matresses and more comfortable cots to fully equipped patrol boxes with orange zesters and other kitchen gadgets and tools we never heard of back in the day.
Now meals consist of Pork Chops Normandy, Black Forrest cake, Creme Brule french toast, cobbler, and bbq beef or pork ribs.
I still love the old canvass wall tents but I do appreciate the good food too.
We learned the basics of cooking while scouts today have made the basics too basic and have opted to "gourmetafy" their menus.
Gone are the leaders that drink coffee, or tea, and hello expressos and double moch latte java nut truffle ....whatever the latest caffinated beverage they're drinking at the local coffee places.
The programs are much the same, as is the fun and fellowship of scouts and scouters, but the food have evolved into so much more.
So if you haven't experienced it; join the new scouting program.
You will never go hungry and you will love the new boy scouts.

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  1. Nice one! I know we I joined Boy Scouts again as an adult I was most impressed witht he cooking by adults and youth. We adult patrol NEVER goes hungry for sure!