Monday, June 8, 2009

Eagle Court of Honors

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure in participating in another Eagle Scout court of honor and I cannot tell you what is means to me to watch a court of honor of this magnitude let alone be a participant in one.

There is something special about seeing new Eagle Scouts and how the scouts have grown in the few short years they have been a part of the boy scout program.

Watching the Eagle candidate stand confidently before the audience in their pressed uniform with sash full of merit badges and religious medals hanging neatly over the left pocket of the scout shirt is truly impressive.

Watching Moms and Dads get misty eyed at the thought of their son growing up into a fine leader is definitely a character defining moment for both parents and son.

The crowning moment of the whole ceremony is hearing the scoutmaster give his comments on the Eagle scout and his leadership helped make the troop great.

Will Rogers once said, "the the trouble with scouts is that there aren't enough of them." is a bit off base.

I think he should have said, "The trouble with Eagle Scouts are that there aren't enough of them."
At least, that is how I feel.

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