Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yesterday I helped with the BALOO training session, which was held at Camp Rokilio, and I am aways amazed at the number of people now jumping at the chance to take advantage of training made available by Bay-Lakes Council.
Although the class size was one of the smaller classes, the attitude has recently changed from, "Ok, we are here now show us something that we don't know!" to "We're here, we are ready, show us something that will help us improve on what we are already trying to do."
The later approach makes the training a whole lot easier and more enjoyable as everyone now takes part in the discussions. Training is more fun, faster paced, and everyone is more receptive to new ideas being presented.
Pack leaders from 4002 were in attendance yesterday, not that it was earthshaking new, but there were 5 representatives there that completed their BALOO training.
The unit now has 10 of 13 leaders BALOO trained or something close to that and there are other units that can also have a similar claim to those numbers.
Training is now more readily being accepted as the way to improve upon our scouting program and is being more accepted as the way to present program ideas to our scouts in a better way.
I would like to personally thank all the leaders that take advantage of training courses offered and encourage other scouters to complete their training as well.
Being a volunteer leader is difficult enough but training will make the leadership role a whole lot easier.
So do yourself, your unit, and the scout families a favor; take every available advantage of the training courses offered.
You will be glad you did.

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