Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Go Camping

I love this time of year when I can put away my winter camping gear and break out the summertime camp inventory.
Winter camping is not my cup of tea but I will do so but I really prefer Spring, Summer, and Fall camping the best.
Let's take a look at what the Greater Pittsburgh Council has to say for camp gear.

Cub Scouts & Webelos Scouts
Scout First Aid KitCub Scout ToothbrushCub Scout Comb w/CaseCub Scout Comb & Nail Clipper SetCub Scout PocketknifeLitt-L Vitt-L Kit

Cub Scout Lightweight CanteenCub Scout Handi-LiteCub Scout PocketliteCub Scout WalletCub Scout Book BagCub Scout Day Pack

Boy Scouts
Scout First Aid Kit Sketter StikCamper's Grooming Kit Boy Scout Toothbrush Boy Scout Comb w/CaseSoap CaddyWaterproof MatchboxBoy Scout Comb & Nail Clipper SetCamper's Cup1 1/2 Qt. Boy Scout Canteen2 Qt. Boy Scout CanteenOfficial Boy Scout Cook KitVitt-L KitBoy Scout WalletBoy Scout Utility KnifeWhittler's KnifeBoy Scout Pocketknife

Trailblazer CompassPolaris CompassMesh Ditty Bag SetBoy Scout Mini-Mag LightScout Trail LightBoy Scout Ultra Brute Personal LightFluorescent FlashlightComfortFlex Explorer PackYucca Ranger PackSquare Duffle BagOrganizer PackFanny PackBelt PackColeman Sleeping BagsCascade Sleeping BagScout Hand Ax w/Sheath
Optional Boy Scouts
Thorlo Hiking Socks Thorlo Lt. Trekking SocksExpedition Hat

Literature for Summertime Outdoor Activities
FieldbookThe Boy Scout Handbook Merit Badge Pamphlets

Now this is an extensive camp list and not everyone can afford all that in a short time.
So where can scouts go to save money for these items?

One of the best places to go for camp gear is visit the neighbors, they may have something that you could borrow provided you return it better than you found it.
Or garage or rummage sales will help.
Many scout units will have camp gear that was saved in the lost and found and would be willing to share that with the rest of the scouts.
The Army/Navy Surplus store is better than nothing.

Recently I purchased a framed backpack for $25.00 and should have paid $50.00 at a garage sale.
So don't be surprise by what can be found if you look for it at a garage or rummage sale.
You can save a ton of money should you look for it.
So to start camping, begin small and work you way up.
Save for the bigger and better things.
You will be glad you did.

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