Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Making Scouting Compulsory interesting title, isn't it?

Imagine what the world today would be like if scouting was a mandatory program that everyone in the world had to be a part of.

Let's start with the political leaders:

If all of our government leaders were scouts and/or scouters and had to live up to their oath and promise that the scouting program provides; all leaders would have to be honest and would have to do their duty to God and their Country (and to all of the citizens of their country).

Each leader would have to recognize and appreciate the differences each individual has to offer no matter what their social or economic station is in life.

They would have to recognize their fellow man as their brother and understand that it is OK to disagree at times without going to war over those differences.

Fair trade would be a necessity and no one person would gain the upper hand through one sided or hidden agendas.

Parents: All parents and adults should be required to at the very least attend one week long scout camp or better yet become leaders for the tenure of their children's time within the program.

Most parents really do not have a clue as to what goes on at a camp let along have the opportunity to do the activities their children have so why not let the parents in on the secrets of scouting (Which there aren't any other than trying to maximize the most fun and challenges in a 24 hr. time period.

Our Youth: What can I say?

You have the best opportunity of all to take the most from scouting.

Through the scouting program, you will receive the skills that you will take with you the rest of your life to become an outstanding citizen, leader, parent, friend, co-worker, role model, etc.

Many of the youth today will have their first introduction with religion, hiking, fishing, boating, the shooting sports, first aid training, nature, survival, and most importantly...academic career choices.

The advantages are endless-provided that you put 100% into the scouting program and if you do that, you will give 100% in everything you do.

Now I am not proposing that you cannot succeed in life without the scouting program, but you will never know what you are missing by not joining the world's oldest youth program.

Scouting is a privilege but it should be every one's rite.

I have been in the program since youth and I never cease to be amazed by the information one can still learn from scouting.

I will still continue to do so and the day that I stop learning something from the program will most likely be the day that I am placed into the ground and my spirit goes home.


  1. Yep..there are No downsides to kids that are in Scouting. Great post Keith! Thanks

  2. Would be honored to be able to use this post on our blog. It is well done and speaks the truth about our youth. Please consider allowing us to post on our sight as we follow your blog and greatly appreciate as a Troop reading your material! As leaders you have great information! Thanks for your great work!! Troop 51 Greenville, Pennsylvania.