Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leadership Training is Universal

I have been a strong proponent of leadership training ever since I went though my new leader essentials training as a Tiger Coach and that was several years ago and I have since learned through my interaction with my scout friends in other countries (I have been involved in communication with some 35 countries with scouting programs) that each and every scouting program requires or at least offers training for all leaders in every facet of the program.

Most programs will not accept the excuse, "I didn't know that..." as each program offers training for just about everything under the sun when it comes to scouting.

Here we have new leader essentials, leader specific, child protection, safe swim defense, safety afloat, climb on safety, weather hazards, certification for range master, BALOO, OWL, scout master training, etc. etc.

Wood badge is a major part of training in all scouting programs and is universally accepted so if a wood badger from the US goes to Australia, he/she will be welcomed with open arms as a wood badger there as well.

Some of the training in Wood badge may differ and I cannot really comment on our program, not having the opportunity to experience it, but I do find that the Asian scouting programs do place a high emphasis on camp craft and pioneering as part of their wood badge experience.

I like that.

Being able to construct useful camp gadgets and tools allows one to take far less items to camp and most projects can be broken back down after breaking camp or could be left for the next group of campers depending upon the situation.

Having the knowledge to lash anything together is a definite plus should one be force to make an emergency shelter for survival.

I think that the Australian scout program offers more electronic training programs than we do here but no matter how you get trained, you will have the satisfaction of being able to provide that quality program that all scouts deserve.

So do yourself a favor and take the training.

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