Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 13th Scout Law

Nature's Fireworks.

Happy Independence Day everyone!
The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and it isn't because I get time off from work but rather because of what the colonists fought for and believed in to give birth to a new nation and due to those beliefs, I will now give you my Boy Scout 13Th Law:
A Scout is Independent...

That was my answer to the question before my Eagle Board of Review some +30 yrs. ago on what law I would add to the Scout Laws.

Our Forefathers showed us the way to recognize our individuality and showed us the proper way to affect change: Through freedom of speech and the rite to assemble.
There was a need to break away from England's tyranny and they did so through voicing their opinion and beliefs which went unheard and England's King at the time tried to smash our patriot's voice through unfair taxation and various penalties that placed a burden upon the colonists which proved unbearable.
The War for Independence was the outcome.
Being able to stand up for what is right is what we believe in.

A scout should learn to be independent and know what is right and wrong and be brave enough to challenge and speak out on what they feel is wrong and know the proper means to affect change.
My Mother once asked me, "If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off the bridge too?"
I'd like to think that I wouldn't. My independence gives me the courage to stand up for what I believe in and I know that I wouldn't jump as I know and can foresee the possible consequences of jumping off that bridge.

Yes, a scout needs to learn team building skills and yet he still needs the ability to be an independent thinker and find his own way to hone leadership skills that are necessary to become tomorrow leaders.
It is through reviewing our Constitution and learning about US history that will teach him the right way to lead, be the outstanding citizen, and when necessary, through proper channels and proper protests, be Independent.

Happy Independence Day!

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