Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bear Paw Bound

Commissioner Keith's Tent-Not!!!

I am going off to camp and I am returning to Camp Bear Paw and I haven't been there to camp since I received my Eagle medal 33 years ago.
Oh I have visited Bear Paw since that time, serving as a staff member on a few Mom and Son camp events but not to stay.
I am excited to return to camp as I want to see the changes that have occurred over the 33 yrs since I was a scout.
There is an new dining hall, and they moved the trading post and I understand that the shooting sports area also received well deserved improvements.
I know that the lake has not been moved but the last time I was there; I believe that the waterfront has received some cosmetic changes too.
I remember my first camping experience there, staying in Fox campsite, and going on my first snipe hunt and taking Reptile Study, Nature, and Geology merit badges.
Now 33 yrs later, I am gathering my gear to take with me to camp. I have more things to take with me now than I did then.
So what does this Commissioner take with him to camp? Here is my list of necessities:
Mess kit, canteen or water bottle, sunblock, deodorant, soap and towels, first aid kit, clothes for wet and dry weather, a jacket, sleeping bag, cot, prescription med.'s, sunglasses, a hat, sketchbook and drawing tools, camera, digital recorder, various scout papers and forms, swimming gear, shaving razor, cooler for a surprise treat for the unit I am staying with.
I carry a pocket knife and sharpening stone, compasses, waterproof matches, folding chair, and hot tub (not!...just put that in to see if you were paying attention), harmonica and jewsharp, a walking stick and journal, flashlight and my personal valet (just checking again).
I also have my class A's and usually bring my OA sash.
Other things that go are snacks for the troop cracker barrel and my commissioner's cheat sheet of scout songs that I may not remember from 33 yrs ago.
Australian flag given to me from the Australian scouts and have an international scout flag that will soon arrive and I will bring that should it get here before I leave for camp.
I also bring an extra pair of footwear.
The last thing I will pack for camp will be my positive attitude and smiles as I know that some scouts and scouters may tend to forget theirs and I will have extras to go around to help make the camping experience one to remember.
So look out camp! Here I come!

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