Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Scout's First Camp Experience

Hello Mudda Hello Fadda, Here I am at Camp....

We all know that camp song but one of my favorite things to do at camp is observe the scouts that are attending scout camp for the very first time.

Seeing what they bring into camp or not bring and watching the boys run through their paces as the camp progresses through the week's activities.

I have seen young scout delete the non essentials from their gear...

things like:

extra shoes and socks, changes of underwear and clothing, rain gear, flashlight, toothpaste and brush, soap, towel, sleeping bag.

What is brought are the important things:

72 Butterfinger candy bars, 35 Baby Ruths, 10 lbs of licorice, 18 packs of gum, 6 bags of gummie bears, an Ipod, cell phone for text messaging, and don't forget the beef jerky ( for emergencies).

Now that day one is covered...Day 2

17 one pound bags of M&M's plain, peanut, and peanut butter.

17 one pound bags of Skittles,

one jar of peanuts (have to make gorp) no dried fruit (too healthy)

Oh and I forgot the 2 cases of the latest and greatest super carbonated triple caffeinated twice sugared cola

the feel good item will be 12 cases of instant snack pudding

and mom's emergency stash of $20. for emergency needs at the trading post (like the suicide slushie's) or death by chocolate double fudge sundaes.
And you will hear comments like,"Gee I hope we can have Frosted Sugar Bombs for breakfast!"

I have seen first time winter camp scouts forget their winter clothing and boots.

I have also seen first time winter camp scouts awake up in a snowstorm of goose down because they forgot to take their boots off when they climbed into their sleeping bags.

The good news is that these scouts do quickly learn and adapt to the situation.

Most are great at taking what they truly need (but there are some that I am sure become the ideas for new sit com material).

I should know, I was that scout once many many years ago.

Just ask that raccoon that ate the Butterfinger candy bar on my chest my first night of summer camp.

Disclaimer: Commissioner Keith never went to bed with his boots on and never took a ton of candy to camp but did have a raccoon eat a Butterfinger candybar while sitting on his chest the first night at camp.

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