Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strange Things Can Be Seen at Scout Camp

I remember not to long ago, at a Mom and Son camp, I witnessed a group of cub scouts grouped in a circle near the old chow hall staring at the ground when one of the young cub's mother joined the group. She obviously was very agitated because the boys were poking at something with a stick.

"Don't touch it! It is going to strike and you will die from its venom!"

Now, I had to go see what the ruckus was about (knowing that the chance of the boys finding a poisonous creature was pretty remote, and I was thinking that the boys had a snake cornered and thought it best to break up the group and let one of God's creatures find a good, safe hiding place. The snakes are non poisonous around the camp but will bite if provoked.

After separating the group, I discover that the dreaded poisonous snake happened to be a green garden hose which was coiled up along side the building.

Strange Sight Number 1

Another time I witnessed a first time camper walking one of the trails to the trading post smacking 2 sticks together which was to prevent the dreaded 3 winged snipe from attacking in broad daylight.

This scout was told that snipes are extremely vicious in daylight and hate the sound of sticks struck together.

Strange Sight Number 2

I once watched a Scoutmaster take his troop on a hunt for 50 feet of shoreline that was missing from the camp and the Scoutmaster used this as a way to get his scouts to go on a nature hike that they didn't want to go on.

Strange Sight Number 3

I watched a scout drag an extension cord into the woods looking for the "currant bush" to plug his boom box into.

Strange Sight Number 4

At the Australian Jamboree in 2007, I saw a scout that wanted to get noticed by all that attended that Jamboree by applying the blue chemicals (for the port-a-potties) onto his body.

He succeeded only to find out that the coloring stained his skin and it was going to take months for that color to disappear in addition to the rash that developed from the chemicals.

I have the photo of him in a PowerPoint presentation.

Strange Sight Number 5

I can't wait to get to camp and see what happens next.

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