Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twas the Night before Summer Camp...

T'was the night before summer camp and the Commissioner was frantically packing for the week's long retreat and once again I vowed to never wait until the last minute to pack for camp.
Where's my flashlight? Where's my mess kit? Who took my socks?
Now what did I do with my pack?
And my wife with a musical lilt in her voice says, "You already packed it." to each of those questions I asked.
"Your pack is on your back." she goes.
I love the camping experience but going through the pre-camp check list is one job I truly hate as something is always missing when I hit camp.
The trouble is that I have a printed check list that I go through and I end up repacking my gear twice to make sure that it is all there and when I do that something never gets repacked.
Next year, if I am lucky to go to camp, I will keep everything in the pack when I get home and not touch it until next summer (well maybe I will take the dirty clothes out before storing).
Amber is patiently helping "dear old Dod" get things together for the week and has included some mementos just in case I should forget her while I am away.
Things like:
Mack Glenn her favorite "Build a Bear," monkey that is dressed in a scout uniform.
17 drawings that I am suppose to hang on the door of the refrigerator in my tent.
One photo of herself in her soccer uniform
A Barbie Doll and suitcase of clothes in case it rains and I get bored.
I quietly remove the Barbie and the monkey from my pack and continue with the necessities that I will need.
Time out for dinner.
Back to packing:
I remove the monkey and the Barbie from the pack again as they must be eager to camp with me since they mysteriously reappeared in my pack all by themselves.
Now I think that I will turn in and have visions of scouts having the time of their lives at camp...but only after I remove Barbie and the monkey from my pack...again.

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