Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bear Paw My Home Away from Home

I finally was able to return to Camp Bear Paw to camp a full week-first time since I received my Eagle medal 33 years ago and I was able to get reacquainted with the same roots and rocks that I tripped over.

There have been several changes within the camp which includes a new mess hall and trading post, updated shooting sport ranges, and new and improved showering facilities.

The old mess hall is still there and I could almost hear the voices of long ago still singing and raising a ruckus during the meal time breaks.

There are still several remnants of the good old days and I would encourage those that spent time at Bear Paw to return to the old mess hall and find the old totems and mementos of their youth.

What was different was the visit from the Wateringbury Scout group from England and I had a ball visiting with them and exchanging ideas and songs at our troop's campfire which resulted in me receiving their scout flag as a souvenir.

It was truly a great moment watching the scouts interact and each and every scouter learning that the world suddenly got smaller and the camp was still the same as it was 33 yrs ago and we were all still able to make new friends.

Photograph taken by D. Nelson

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