Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dad and Lad Camps a Special Time in Scouting

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work my first Dad and Lad campout, working with a fellow scouter and friend of mine, doing the "I Hate Dishes" program for cub scouts and their fathers.
Dad and Lad camps are fun because it is a time for bonding between fathers and sons at a scout camp doing scout activities.
It is an educational time for Dad and the scouts to learn more about what the boy scout program is all about and it is a time for sons to show off their talents to their fathers and a time for the Dads to show off their talents to their sons.
The event was held this past weekend and although it rained most of the day, it didn't dampen the spirit of the event and a good time was had by all.
The day was packed with several activities and all events took the time and effort to sneak some educational learning into their event.
We taught scouts and fathers how to make creative, simple meals over a campfire in dutch ovens, camp stoves, and over the BBQ.
Highlighting the menu at our station was the hotdog sliders and cola spam fajitas, and home made pizzas on the grill.
We even threw in an apple/pineapple cobbler and did a ham and potato casserole bake and bacon peanut butter stuffed hotdogs into the mix.
At leather craft, scouts and dad make several keepsakes from leather and while in camp they got the chance to work the 2 man saw and brand a log slice to commemorate the event.
If you never do another campout take the time to attend Dad and Lad or Mom and Son or even Grandparent and Me. It is well worth the quality time spend with your son.

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