Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New Scout Year

We are now currently underway in the 2009-2010 scouting year and boys talks and open houses are in full swing. Cub Packs and Troops are busy addressing questions from potential scout families and doing their best to highlight their unit in the best possible light.

Any quality unit will bear in mind that the keys to success in retention of scouts and new scouts is to have a dynamic program and keep child safety in mind with any and all scouting activities.

Trained leaders are abundant within their units and those untrained should get trained as soon as the opportunity arises as we, as leaders, owe it to our scouts to provide quality programming to our scouts throughout the scouting year.
There are several events and dates that training is available and you should have a copy of the district and council calendar handy at all times to watch for these sessions and be ready to take full advantage of these opportunities.
If you have never attended Cub Scout College....go
If you have never attended 5 Star Commissioner College ....go
If you have never attended BALOO training ....go
Get the picture. Get out there and get trained. You will be glad that you did!
So will your scouts.

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