Saturday, August 15, 2009

It is Round up Time!

Coming around the bend is the most exciting time for boys that are about to join the world's oldest youth program.
We are about to roundup new scouts and prospective scout leaders through the use of boy talks and open houses.
One of the best opportunities units have to increase their numbers is through the use of the boy talk and the open house recruiting program.
Boy talks will spark the young men's imaginations of camping, canoeing, shooting sports, and yes even cooking (over a campfire).
Parent's will imagine their sons embarking on a career path that could lead them to, lawyer, astronaut, film maker, or even President.
One never knows what the future holds other than the guarantee that scouting will always be here and will lead the way to adventure and fun.
So mount up and let's ride and round them up for Scouting!

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