Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree

Now that the Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree is over I thought that I might share my thoughts on the event and I will share the Good and the Bad.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions shared by other scouts and scouters.

The Bad:

weather ...Friday rains definately put a damper on units that had to set up in the rain.

The Good:

weather...while the Friday rains came and made for some challenging conditions for unit set up, it did encourage teamwork by all scouts and scouters and created an opportunity to share and promote the brotherhood in scouting. Temp's were on the cool side throughout the weekend but it did not deter the scouts and others from having fun and sharing in the Jamboree experience.

The Bad:

Unit no shows: there were a few units that were registered and choose not to show up missed a rare scouting opportunity.

The Good: Units in attendance: the units that attended the event got to experience a jamboree camp and had the chance to meet new friends and experience in what other Council and Districts have to offer their scouts

The Bad: I am certainly use to the camp experience and sleeping next to a highway is not the most pleasant location for sleeping

The Good: Location on the EAA grounds and being situated near Hwy 41 gave easy access to and from the venue site. Expansive area to allow for more activities to be offered for the masses.

The Bad: was a 3 day event

The Good: was a short event which made the first time planning an event of this magnitude a reachable goal with the ability to be flexible in some of the program activities and that the staff and scouts could have made the event last a week with all of the activities offered.

The Bad: the Closing Concert...started a bit late and the sudden departure of the Blackhawk helicopter during the show was less than desireable.

The Good: the scouting spirit at the concert despite a less than memorable magician and band.

The Bad: no youth sized apparel for scout souvenirs for an event like this and not enough merchandise.

The Good: provisions to order merchandise was available.

Should this event have gone on?

Most definately and I talked with several scouts and scouters for Scouting Radio and they would have gladly stayed on for more if the calendar would have allowed for more time and my advice to all units and unit leaders:

If there is another event like this offered-attend! Do not blow a golden opportunity for your scouts to experience something they can take with them long after their scouting days are over.

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