Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scouting Disconnect

Recently, I have run across what I term as "scouting disconnect," with a unit leader.
Scouting disconnect is what I describe as someone that is showing early signs of burn out which is usually caused but a series of set backs within their program they are providing to their scouts.
These set backs are small issues which can be easily solved but when allowed to pile up begin to loom ever bigger as the problems seem to grow in size and magnitude.
For instance, I have a unit that has experienced what they perceive is lack of help by their District Executives and Council support when in fact the majority of the problems they need help with were issues that were self inflicted and could easily be solved internally.
But now these issues have been shoved on the back burned and need to be solved now and they issues have been pushed onto the U.C. and the D.E.'s to solve for them.
Simple suggestions to help solve these problems go on deaf ears as the cub leader seems to think that these ideas are a personal attack on the leadership of the unit and the big picture cannot be seen as one cannot see the "forest for the trees."
Now my solution for "scouting disconnect" is to stop, take a breath, and tackle one issue at a time and start over or leave the program and get the batteries recharged and then come back better than before.
The big key here is to not take on additional job tasks and assignments when the original tasks at hand are not being taken care of or at least be willing to accept help or delegate others to help complete the tasks at hand to then concentrate on the new ones.

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