Monday, February 15, 2010

Scouting: Leave Some Trace!

How will you be remembered when the Bicentennial of the BSA comes around in 2110?
What will the future scouts say about what we did and how we ran the scouting program?
Interesting questions?
I, for one, hope  that the scouts of the future will follow some of the same program ideas we have followed set by Lord Baden Powell's example so many years ago.
I would like to think that the future scouts will still be going on campouts in our nation's forests and will still be able to canoe and backpack, and be able to lash camp gadets and tools like we still do.
I would like to ask the readers and scout leaders to begin to mark their place in time by making a time capsule recording events and activities that we enjoy today so that those living in the future will know exactly what we did and what we enjoy doing today.
Leave Some Trace.
I think that it would be wonderful if we could travel through time and really get a first hand view of scouting in progress and be able to know what Baden Powell would say about what we are doing today and what lays ahead in the future.
The best guarantee is to leave something behind for our future scouts to look back on and in this case...Leave Some Trace.

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