Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scouting:Where We have Been and Where We are Going

100 years ago, William Boyce, brought scouting from England, via several discussions with Lord Baden Powell.
Scouting, then, was about teaching young men to become self sufficient through games featuring campcraft and scoutcraft skills which was to make them become outstanding citizens within their respective community.
Through these games, scouts were able to learn and grow to become some of the best leaders we have ever seen (Sam Walton, Steven Spielburg, Bruce Jenner, and President Gerald Ford-just to name a few).

Flash forward to 2010:

Scouting still teaches and will continue to teach scouts to make sound ethical choices within their daily lives, become model citizens through community service and give the scouts a well grounded education and make them very self reliant through the use of campcraft and scoutcraft skills.

Flash forward to 2110:

100 yrs. from now, I would expect to see scouting continue to create young men into strong leaders within their community and still give them the moral fiber to set themselves apart as outstanding citizens and future leaders.
Thanks for the "Game of Scouting,"  Lord Baden Powell gave the world for that game really is the "game of life."

Scouting will still teach the scouts to "Be Prepared and "Do a Good Turn Daily," for that is what the game of life is all about.

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