Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I would like to start out by wishing you all a very Happy Easter and hope that the the bunny is good to you.
I for one love the Easter Bunny and although I have never seen the bunny, I have been the recipient of some wonderful gifts which have included colored eggs, chocolates, and even my first compass (which still accompanies me to my scout campouts).
Speaking of campouts: Now is the time for you to inventory your camping gear and equipment to make sure everything is in tip top condition and if it is not, get it repaired or replaced as you don't not want to discover that the gear you have taken to camp is no longer useable.
I know of one scout that had an issue of mice and brought his sleeping bag to his first camp of the season to discover that the bag was ruined by the new mouse condominium built in the lining of the bag.
It was a very long, cold weekend.
I usually take the time to discover new and exciting recipes that I can introduce to the camp so that the meals are just as exciting as the camping experience.
So now that the weather is warming up...Get out there and get camping!

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