Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scouting Comes Full Circle

Recently, I volunteered to help with the Voyageur District's Derby event which included the pinewood derby cars, the rain gutter regatta boats, and the rocket racers and after the event was over; a young scout came up to me and asked i he could help with the breakdown of the regatta equipment that was used.
I smiled and told this scout, Sure, you can help."
With a smile this 1st year scout grabbed the heaviest of objects and preceded to carry the sandbags out to the awaiting truck and then came back to take out the gutters and other equipment and he did so with a smile on his face.
 When everything was packed away, I offered to buy this scout a soda and slice of pizza from the concession stand and his reply was, "No thanks, I'm a scout and no payment was needed for the help," and then he disappeared with his awaiting family.

 William D. Boyce,an American newspaper man, entrepreneur, magazine publisher, and explorer who became lost in the dense London fog, but was guided back to his destination by a young boy. Boyce offered payment to the young boy who refused payment and told him that he was merely doing his duty as a Boy Scout.

The only difference between this story and the one from 100 yrs. ago is that I know this scout as Nick and Wm. Boyce never knew the scout that helped him.
It is nice to see scouting does indeed come full circle.
Thanks, Nick.

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