Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Funny Things Happened to Me on The Way to Dad and Lad

You know that line, " A funny thing happened to me on the way to....?"
Well a couple of interesting things happened to me yesterday and the first one was when Ed Gerczak and I stopped for breakfast, in Suring, on the way to Dad and Lad Camp.
While eating, a gentleman approched us and asked if he could chat with us a little bit and we, while being good scouters did ask him to stay.
 He commented  about how the Boy Scout program is probably the only program of worth out there in the world and was glad that the boy scouts haven't compromised their morals.
He also stated that if he had the time, he would love to get involved in this program but he could not do so at the present point in time.
He told us that he knew what it was like to face adversity being a war veteran from the Vietnam war and knew that there are some people who are quick to attack those things that should never change and that he was extremely pleased that the Boy Scouts have not submitted to the pressures of certain factions that want to put an end to the movement.
He then asked if it was possible for us to accept a donation to help within the scouting program.
I accepted the 100.00 he deposited into my hand and I thanked him for his generous donation.
Ed and I left the restaurant and headed to camp.
The second incident was my chance meeting with Malcolm, a first year Webelos scout, whom preceded to inform me that he was going to become and Eagle Scout.
I inquired why he'd want to be an Eagle and his response was:
"Its the journey not the destination."
And with that, I wish Malcolm all the success in his quest for Eagle and I know he will make it.

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