Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain Didn't Damper Spirits At Webelos Woods 2010

44 Scouts and about the same number of adults participated in the 2010 Webelos Woods event at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and in spite of the rain, no one showed any signs of displeasure in the events offered nor were their spirits dampened by the precipitation that fell throughout the day.
 Ed Gerczak's cooking, and the courses offered in Outdoorsman, Totin' Chit, Readyman, Forester, and Naturalist where big hits with the scouts especially when the hike took the scouts passed the white tail deer habitat where the deer choose to follow the scouts along the trail.
 Council Executive Mark Logemann showed up at lunchtime to make a special presentation and stayed for the meal and observed the activities as they unfolded.
  Concluding the event was a small evening campfire where the Webelos scouts provided songs and skits for every one's enjoyment.
  The event ended at 6 pm.

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