Sunday, October 24, 2010

Once a Scout Always a Scout

The Scout Law states that a  Scout is:

I want to stop with Helpful because that is exactly what good scouts do.
They help.
Recently, I helped run an event that was very successful in the eyes of everyone that attended and staffed the event.
The event, in my book, was successful only because of the staff that came to pitch in and help pull the events planned together.
And they all did it willingly and with smiles on their faces in spite of the rain that fell throughout most of the day.
Since that event, I had the opportunity to help one of my staff members out with a cooking engagement at Gandrud Chev. and again at a cub scout pack meeting for another scouter that helped with my event.
It is what the program is all about.
Reciprocation...not because we have to but because we want to.
It is a natural process for scouts and scouters to follow if one truly believes in the values and the meaning within the Scout Law.
We are there for our scout brothers no matter what the outcome.
We Trust each other.
We stand fast to our principles and are willing to go the extra mile if need be.
No other program can have that claim.
The BSA and the World Scouting Movement are here to stay and will continue to serve our brothers, sisters, our family, and our community whether it is on a local level, national level, or world level.
Thank you Lord Baden Powell for putting together a fine institution called Scouting.

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