Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Happened to Halloween?

Where did Halloween go?
  I remember a time when kids went trick or treating and had fun going door to door for candy, fruit, and popcorn balls.
  Halloween parties challenged you to create your own costume (nothing was store bought), bobbed for apples, played a game called, "Sardines."
  You made your own haunted house and passed around eyeballs that you made by peeling the skins off a grape.
  Brains were a bowl of cooked spaghetti noodles.
  Made witches brew.
  For those of you that lived in the rural areas, remember hay rides and relocating outhouses?
I don't remember the later one but my grandmother said that as kids, they would do things like that.
Hay rides were fun and usually ended with a bonfire and hot apple cider or hot chocolate and roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.
Today, kids don't have that luxury.
The youth today, have to contend with tampered candy, no fruit is given out, and so much for a popcorn ball.
 If a kid didn't get the treat they expected then expect a house, car, or anything else to get egged.
Yards get forked. or trees and bushes toilet papered.
 Even the spooky movies have gone from psychological thrillers to the gratuitous blood scenes.
Remember "Dracula vs. Frankenstein?"
Now it is something like "Dracula vs. the Texas Chainsaw teeniebopper and buckets of gore.
The only vestiges of a traditional party may come with a church youth group or scout group having a costume party and maybe some small scale Halloween program.
 Why can't people leave a good thing alone...
Skip the treat tampering and let kids experience the fun in Halloween.

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