Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 Star University

This year's 5 Star University of Scouting will be on Saturday, January, 29, at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, Wisconsin.
I am hoping to complete the requirements for my Doctorate's degree as part of my quest to improve the quality of programing that I present to my leaders that I serve as Commissioner.
I believe that the more information you know, the easier it is to present new information and ideas to the units and then get those leaders to create a better experience for their scouts.
This in turn, should help those scouts, that will become future leaders, to be better prepared to lead than I am or was at the time I volunteered as a Scouter.
5 Star University of Scouting is very much like Cub Scout College but the courses of study are a bit more involved'
At 5 Star... you, as a Scouter, can earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Scouting,
Master's degree, and Doctorate's degree (with submitting a thesis and taking the necessary classes required).
Then it is on to higher learning and giving back to those leaders still on their quest for more knowledge.
Either way, I plan on participating at 5 Star University of Scouting for years to come.

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