Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cub Scout Songbook - CD

I purchased the "Cub Scout Songbook" CD at this past year's Cub Scout College, which was on clearance and I finally had the chance to listen to the tracks and the songs are tunes that we all sang as children.
Track one is entitled, "Do, do, do Your Best" which is sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
These tracks have been updated with a more pleasing sound for today's youth but each track tends to sound like a copy of the tune before it with plenty of electrical guitar rifts (Ala Commander Cody - for those of you that remember the song, "Hot Rod Lincoln").
The most disturbing issue that I have with the album is that when downloaded onto the computer, the song titles do not match with the song tracks and I am not sure that the information that pulls up on the screen is indeed the artist or artists that recorded the track.
 Overall, the CD plays fast as most songs are not more than just over two minutes in length and there are 10 songs on the album.
  It is an interesting collection of songs and would probably be of interest to the younger cubs but not the album I would choose to play on my car stereo for those long road trips but it still was worth the $3.00 clearance price.

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